Thursday, September 3, 2009

Child Abuse Posted on the Internet

I recently watched a video of a woman combing her child's hair. This cute little girl was african-american and had natural hair. Her mother began ripping through her hair with a comb. The little girl was screaming in pain while the person video taping(evidently the oldest sister) laughed histerically. The girl squirmed in pain and discomfort while her "mother" held her between her legs. The woman constantly cussed at her little girl. This girl is no older than six or seven. After a while of that, with more squirming and screaming from this poor little girl, her mother pinned her on the ground with her hair lying on the carpet. She continued to brush her hair. At some point during the video, a little boy crosses the scene and he starts laughing at the little girl's discomfort as well. The oldest sister/camera operator shouted over the screaming at the little boy "You're next!!" I was deeply disturbed by this video and wondered why anyone would post this online...where everyone can see it.
I watched two video updates about this video today, and evidently the right person saw it. This woman saw the video and contacted the police department and other agencies. I was so relieved to find out that the children were taken away by CPS. It is a horrible situation that her children are gone, but the children are much better off!

Here is the video: (viewer discretion is advised)
(use of strong language and can be disturbing for some viewers)

here is a video response to this video: